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Coaching and consulting

Leverage my direct experience to accelerate your growth

Fast-track your launch and growth

With over 25 years experience, I've delivered hyper-growth for some of the world's fastest growing companies. I've been responsible for the rebranding of major corporations like Barclays Investment Bank when Lehman Brothers North America was acquired, and launched and scaled start-up brands that went on to sell for hundreds of millions on dollars. I love working with entrepreneurs and their teams directly - learning about your business and working with you to bring your unique offering to market, and/or scale it for future growth lights me up. If you're serving people or the planet along the way, let's chat! 

One-on-one CMO expertise for a fraction of the cost

I offer limited spaces for working one-to-one, to small businesses with impactful goals. By working directly with the Business Owner or a more junior resource responsible for marketing, you'll get CMO-level advice and expertise at a fraction of the cost.

My private clients are all over the world and span all industries. Whether you require additional support in the early stages of developing your brand or you want more guidance on how to generate higher returns for your current marketing budget, my structured one-on-one coaching will provide a roadmap and keep you accountable.

If your business is ready to hire internal marketing resources but you're not sure what (or who) to look for, I can assist your recruitment process, ensuring you hire the best fit. For businesses with junior marketing resources, I also offer outsourced CMO services to direct and up-skill your internal teams. With over 20 years managing high performing marketing teams, consider me a safe pair of hands to support your marketing function.

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Private client framework

Investment: NZ$997 (~US$610) per month.

What's included?

This really is the most valuable fast-track for entrepreneurs and their teams:

  • Personalised roadmap for your business, outlining your 6 monthly marketing plan.
  • Access me one-on-one for two hours per month. You'll have my dedicated eye-balls on your marketing strategies and tactics, to ensure prioritisation and delivery of the most effective marketing activities.
  • Access all our programmes, masterclasses, summits and bonus content to drive marketing capability and deliver real returns.
  • Get support from likeminded business owners within our community. 

Minimum sign-up period is 6 months to ensure the most impact for your investment.

Group coaching for direction and accountability

If you're after a more collaborative approach and to keep costs down, but still benefit from my direct attention on your business, group coaching might be a good fit for you. 

Group coaching works in a similar way to the one-on-one's above, but you share your two hours per month with up to three other businesses. This gives you access to me but also direct feedback from your peers.

We kick-off as soon as we have a minimum of three businesses in the same time zone. Register your interest below and I'll be in touch when a slot becomes available. There's no obligation to buy, when you register your interest.

Investment: NZ$497 (~US$300) per month, minimum 6 months.

Virtual meeting
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After a one-off check-up?

If your marketing needs some validation or realignment, you can book a one-off one-on-one at any time.

This service works well when combined with our self-serve programmes. Booking a one-on-one in advance of starting a programme and/or at the end of one, is a great way to ensure you get the most out of them. They give you the clarity and confidence to move forward with what you've put in place.

Your power hour with me will focus on you and whatever marketing challenges you're facing at the time. Send through any questions or items you want me to review in advance, and we'll work through them all together.

Investment: NZ$447 (~US$275)

"I love that you're there, showing me the way! Confidence is like a muscle that grows as you train it... And you're one hell of a coach!"


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Every entrepreneur will make it eventually.

Collectively Podcast: Coming Soon

Monica Shepherd, our resident copywriter, and I are working on a new poddy. Because we’re so passionate about helping small businesses gain cut-through and punch well above their weight, we chat on here about all matters marketing, ethics, values, purpose and profit.

We look forward to sharing it with you soon!