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Build a values-led brand, grounded in purpose.

Inspire positive influence and create meaningful impact with a purpose-first approach to your marketing strategy.

Build a values-led brand, grounded in purpose.

Inspire positive influence and create meaningful impact with a purpose-first approach to your marketing strategy.

Top tips in monthly masterclasses

Whether it's copywriting you need help with, or your designs need a bit of a boost - we've got you. Each month we host a masterclass unpacking a new area of marketing and business. For non-members, masterclasses are just NZ$9 (all of which is donated to charity!). So, jump in and get your questions answered live, or watch the replay whenever you're stuck and need a refresher.

The most memorable brands aren’t just strategic, they’re purposeful.

They let their point of view be their point of difference, and they amplify messages that not only promote what they sell, but what they stand for.

In a world where consumers are demanding more from brands, building a business that is a force for good sets you up for enduring differentiation - and for more fulfilling contribution to the world through your work.

I’m here to help you set the foundations for a brand that shows up with greater intention for your customers, for your industry and for the planet.

Because true impact comes from having absolute clarity around who you are and what matters most to the people you’re here to help. Through my online training programmes, 1:1 consulting and coaching, I show you how your values act as a powerful guide for your vision, your brand expression, and every action you take in building and serving an aligned audience.


What is the Marketing Collective?

The Marketing Collective connects you with the tools and tribes you need to build a brand with purpose. 

This isn’t an agency, it’s a collaboration between some of the best industry talent that I’ve come across in my 20+ years in marketing. The Marketing Collective gives you direct access to these senior-level strategists and creatives - without the hierarchy, process and big fees that usually come with this level of expertise.

We lend our collective capabilities as industry experts, and as business owners ourselves, to help you grow and develop your own brand. Whether you’re just starting out, or an established business wanting to create more impact, The Marketing Collective is everything you need to build a brand with impact and initiate a legacy of change.

"Marijke is quick to help, unflappable and passionate about marketing and helping her clients achieve great outcomes."


Sheryn Canter, Vodafone

Hi, I’m Marijke

I help businesses like yours inject more purpose and meaning into their brands, and generate real return on investment for their marketing dollars in a way that feels good.

I’m an ex-corporate and agency marketing leader turned solopreneur consultant to small- and medium-sized businesses. Through both 1:1 coaching and online group programmes, I help you confidently build a marketing strategy that ensures your business achieves commercial goals, while leaving a more ethical imprint in the minds of your audience.

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Not sure where to start?

Investing in your brand up-front isn’t a luxury, it’s what sets you apart from your competition and connects you on an emotional level with your customers. If you're not sure what level of support you need, or you just want to check in to see how your marketing performs today, take the quiz to assess your marketing maturity.