Meet the Collective - Marijke Timmers

Meet the Collective

Access five marketing masters for the price of one.

Marketing training for small businesses and start-ups who want to genuinely connect with customers and create a magnetism to their brand.

Imagine having a panel of senior-level brand and marketing experts to call on to advise you on your own business. The kind of expertise that’s usually limited to those with big teams and big budgets.

That’s what The Marketing Collective offers you.

Founded by marketing strategist, Marijke Timmers, we’re a community of industry specialists at the top of our game. The Marketing Collective gives you direct access to these strategists, creatives and experienced business owners, whose knowledge and advice you can leverage in growing your brand.

"This isn’t an agency, it’s a collaboration between some of the best industry talent that I’ve come across in my 20+ years in marketing."

Marijke Timmers, Founder of The Marketing Collective

We’re all about collective capability. Sharing ours to build yours.


We believe in sharing knowledge and know-how, not just answers. Learn from subject specialists with real-world business experience that can help you grow.


Joining the collective isn’t just about an online course, but also gives you opportunities to expand your knowledge through regular masterclasses and engaging with our global small business community.


Build a network of business cohorts whose values align with your own. Collaborate, grow your reach and leverage the learnings of other ethically-minded businesses.

Come on in, we love meeting business owners just like you!

The Marketing Collective Marijke, coffee table, up-leveling membership

Marijke Timmers - Marketing Strategist, Coach and Outsourced CMO

I founded The Marketing Collective after becoming a Mum and realising I wanted to have more impact day-to-day. After two decades leading corporate and agency marketing functions, I now help businesses like yours inject more purpose and meaning into their brands, and generate real return on investment for their marketing dollars in a way that feels good. 

The Marketing Collective Jodine, Social media marketing

Jodine McIntyre - Social Smarty

I’m your social media trainer, wing-woman, cheerleader and supporter - all rolled into one. Together we can break down your social media marketing because social media can be a powerful platform to connect you with your ideal customers. Imagine having your content planned out for the month, content you know is going to connect you with your ideal audience, and having the confidence and the knowledge on how to post it.

David Remmerswaal hero

David Remmerswaal - Dimple Digital

I often find small business owners are confused about the jargon and seemingly infinite options available when working online, so I am on a mission to simplify digital marketing. We all have our own personal reasons for being in business, and I believe when we achieve our business goals, we achieve our personal goals. This is why the team and I ensure we do everything possible to provide an honest, reliable and profitable service for all our clients.

The Marketing Collective, Pippa Lynch

Pippa Lynch - Shout & Co

My husband Bevan and I are your new digital content BFFs! We're ex-corporate marketing creatives and with 3 decades between the 2 of us spent creating, making, styling, buying and retailing - you name it, we've done it. We know how to help you position your brand, promote it and scale up your business to grow and succeed. 

The Marketing Collective Monica, Beach, Brand voice

Monica Shepherd - Mark My Words

I get to the heart and soul of your business, put words around whatever it is that sets you apart, and help you bring your incredible brand story to life in a way that makes you feel proud. My inspiration comes from people like you. Passionate, interesting, bold, brave business owners, innovators, leaders and visionaries.

Multiple marketing disciplines. Single framework.



We’ve put all our collective knowledge into a single framework to make working with us easier and more affordable, so you can be sure that whoever you decide to work with within the Collective, we’re aligned.

When you join The Marketing Collective, you’ll also get access to discounts and bonuses for other courses and outsourced services we offer. 

"I really appreciate your hard work and guidance!!! I couldn't have asked for a better guide as I navigate this journey!"

Tania Zambrano, Altruist Apparel

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