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Mastering Marketing

Grow your brand reach, amplify your messages and create meaningful connection with the right audience. Simples.

Having the best idea in the world means nothing if no one knows about it.

Building your brand presence comes down to clarity and consistency - clarity in your messaging and consistency in getting it seen and remembered by the right people. But where do you start? What channels are right for your business? And what content will truly champion your brand in a crowded marketplace?

Our Mastering Marketing programme will help you better understand how to take your brand to market (if you're new to business) or how to grow it (if you're already established).

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Build strategically

No spray and pray tactics here. Just proven strategies and techniques that build your confidence and grow your customer base.


Be omnipresent

Reaching your customers requires you to be in more than one place at a time. We'll coach you through a multi-channel strategy so you can feel confident showing up where-ever your customers are.

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Optimise activities and budgets

Know what’s working and what’s not? We’ll show you how to get clear about your channel and content performance, and build proficiency in analytics and optimisation.

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Generate more bang for your marketing bucks.

Discover exactly how to plan, create and distribute content that reaches the right audience in the right place to achieve the most impact for your brand - and your bottom line. And we don’t just leave you to it; while you work on your own plan, you’ll get insights from industry experts on what you need to do to truly move the needle on your marketing investment.

With clarity around your core messaging, you’ll be better positioned to attract clients who are aligned with your vision. You’ll find the soapbox your brand needs in order to be heard, by learning how to drive the delivery of those messages and maximise financial return through strategic channels and intentional marketing techniques.


By mastering your marketing!

"The Marketing Collective courses are thorough and the hosts have a wonderful way of explaining things clearly and concisely. Each module is broken down by actionable steps, so when complete I had a clear understanding and had achieved something meaningful towards my goal without the overwhelm."

Charlotte Butcher, Love Lottie

Mastering Your Marketing

Deliver your marketing from a place of clarity and confidence, not chaos and confusion. We've crafted a programme that lets you get completely clear on brand growth and strategic marketing execution for your business, including:

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Access 12 brand modules

Work through the modules most relevant to you at your own pace. Access over 12hrs of video content, worksheets, templates and tools to execute and optimise your marketing activities like a pro.

Attend regular masterclasses

Our Marketing Collective specialists will present regular marketing masterclasses. Access the live masterclass and Q&A or watch the replays in your own time. We’ll cover marketing topics across both programmes.


Meet the makers

Access The Marketing Collective specialists and our outsourced partners. We’ve packed our programmes with extra bonuses and discounted rates for working with us directly, if you need additional support.

Give and receive peer support

Join the private Marketing Collective Facebook community to engage with like minded business owners from all around the world. Get feedback on your brand, partner for accountability and share ideas with our community of small  business owners.

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Formulate Your Strategies

Use all of the above to confidently devise meaningful and integrated channel and content strategies. Build sales funnels and content that convert visitors and followers into paying customers.

Investment - NZ$147 per month (~US$89)

(Minimum 3 month subscription)


Want the best of both worlds?

Maybe you’ve got some of this in place already and want to fill the gaps? Maybe you need a refresher in some areas and more focus in others? 

If this sounds like you, we’ve bundled the two programmes together to save you ~40%. This gives you access to all 24 modules and bonuses, in addition to regular Masterclasses and community engagement.

Investment: ~US$119 / NZ$197 per month (minimum 3 month subscription)

View The Modules

This programme covers brand growth fundamentals, so is ideal for anyone who is at the early stages of developing their business, as well as for more established brands who want to solidify their brand presence with more structure and certainty.

When you purchase our Mastering Marketing programme, you’ll also get two bonus modules from our Brand Blueprint programme! You’ll create an end-to-end customer journey map, clarifying stages of the buying process and the needs, motivators and opportunities at each stage.

Still not sure?

This programme is for you if you don't know where your customers are or you don't have confidence in marketing to them across all channels. You don't need to have a huge budget or marketing team to do this, you just need the tips and tricks on how to do it in a way that performs and grows your business.

If you find yourself floundering for content or managing your marketing in an ad-hoc manner, this programme will provide clarity and produce a plan to move you forward. 

It’s for YOU if you want to feel perfectly aligned with the way you’re bringing your unique vision to life.

Or, maybe our Brand Blueprint programme is better suited? Don’t forget, you can get access to both programmes and save over 60%, when you buy the bundle.