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Building for the long term

Intentional brand foundations and marketing mastery to last the lifetime of your business.

Feeling like you're always on that hamster wheel?

 In the early stages of your business, it’s not uncommon to feel like this. Often, we’re so focused on getting up and running - managing allllll the things and trying allll the tactics - that we don’t stop to think critically about who we’re doing this for and what it’ll really mean for them. 

Fear not. In our courses, you’ll get purposeful strategy, combined with practical tactics. Because without a strategy underpinning your tactics, you’re never going to be able to get off that hamster wheel.

Here’s how we can help with that…


 Gain absolute clarity around exactly who you are, what you stand for, who your ideal customers are and how to attract them authentically and without the salesy ick.


 Grow your reach, build meaningful customer connections and amplify your messages to support your market position.


 Intentionally craft your strategy then apply it with a consistent visual identity and tone of voice across all relevant channels, every time.

Collaboration over competition

Running a small business can be lonely, which is why such a big part of working with us is about connecting you with trusted specialists and a community of like-minded business owners. When you subscribe to The Marketing Collective, you get access to five of us (for the price of one coach) - specialist knowledge and expertise across marketing strategy, branding, copywriting, design, social media, email, search and advertising. 

It’s our shared values and philosophies on how to best support small businesses that have brought us together. We’re about long-term, sustainable business practices, not just short-term tactics. It’s about collaboration over competition. After all, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” African Proverb.

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Is your brand built to last?

The best brands don’t change much over time. Their foundations are laid out early, with an unwavering belief in what they stand for and how they contribute to their customers’ lives. They connect on emotional, not rational levels and visually appeal to consumer behaviour, not swayed by the latest trends and fads or what their competitors are up to.

Consistency is everything in marketing. Frequently changing your brand breaks trust with customers you’ve worked so hard to acquire. If you’re at the early stages of building your brand or you don’t think you laid strong enough foundations for its future, a Brand Blueprint will give you the confidence to create a magnetism to your brand, over the long term. 

Investment: ~US$49 / NZ$85 per month (minimum 3 month subscription)

Grow your reach. Amplify your message.

Building your brand presence comes down to clarity and consistency - clarity in your messaging and consistency in getting it seen and remembered by the right people. But where do you start? What channels are right for your business? And what content will truly champion your brand in a crowded marketplace?

If you’re struggling to get traction with your current marketing activities, or you’ve focused too much on a single channel, jump into our Mastering Marketing programme to gain clarity on how to show up across multiple-channels, minus the overwhelm.

Investment: ~US$55 / NZ$99 per month (minimum 3 month subscription)


Want the best of both worlds?

Maybe you’ve got some of this in place already and want to fill the gaps? Maybe you need a refresher in some areas and more focus in others? 

If this sounds like you, we’ve bundled the two programmes together to save you ~40%. This gives you access to all 24 modules and bonuses, in addition to regular Masterclasses and community engagement.

Investment: ~US$75 / NZ$127 per month (minimum 3 month subscription)

"I dreamed of creating my own brand for most of my career but never had the confidence or the know-how to bring it to life. Working with Marijke and The Marketing Collective has given me this and the belief that I can take it to market and build a better business than I ever imagined."

Sharlene Cassidy, Koko Cassidy

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